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Woman hit while taking back items
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A fight over a bag full of personal items led to an arrest Saturday afternoon after one woman hit the other in the face in front of deputies.

When deputies arrived at the home on Shenandoah Court, they met with a woman who told them Daphne Paul had taken a bag out of the trunk of her car. The bag contained her driver's license and credit cards and she wanted it back. She said Paul had refused to open the door and return her things.

After ringing the bell and knocking on the door several times, Paul finally came to the door of the home, according to reports. When the deputies asked her what was going on, she said "drama."

Paul was crying and appeared to be very upset, according to reports. She reportedly told deputies that the other woman was "charging her." The deputies looked behind them and the other woman who had called for assistance was walking toward them with her hands at her side. When they pointed this out to Paul she reportedly said, "she was charging and she feels intimidated."

She admitted there were items in her home that belonged to the other woman, but when the deputies told her to go inside and get those items Paul allegedly refused, saying the other woman needed to "come back at a more convenient time."

Deputies once again told Paul that she needed to get the other woman's items and that she could be arrested if she failed to do so. Paul reportedly told deputies that the other woman had items of hers as well, and that Paul would not return items until the other woman returned Paul's.

The other woman told deputies that she lived in the home with Paul and Paul allegedly concurred. Deputies told the other woman to go inside and get her items and she did. As deputies followed her, Paul became upset, reportedly telling the deputies they had no right to enter her home. However, because they were there with the other woman, that allowed them the right to enter, a fact which they shared with Paul.

As the deputies turned to walk into the bedroom, they allegedly saw Paul hit the other woman. She was arrested and charged with Family Violence Act simple battery and transported to the Newton County Detention Center.