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Woman beaten by baby's father
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A woman came into the Covington Police Department late Friday night covered in blood after her baby's daddy reportedly attacked her.

Reports indicate that in addition to being covered in blood, her clothing was also torn and covered in blood and it took several minutes to calm her down enough to talk. She reportedly told officers that she and her baby's father, 28-year-old Willie James Maxwell, had gotten into an argument and that he had "punched her repeatedly in the face and body."

The victim told officers the fight between she and Maxwell began when she told his mother that she should go to the hospital with Maxwell's father due to gout in his foot. Maxwell was upset with her for telling his mother that she needed to do something. She also indicated that he had been drinking.

Police documented a swollen eye, a gash on the victim's lip and knocked out teeth due to the altercation.

Maxwell was picked up on Brown Street by another officer and brought to the Covington Police station then transferred to the Newton County Detention Center from there. On the way to the jail he reportedly said to the officer, "I guess I have to pay for my mistakes."

He was booked in on charges of Family Violence Act aggravated battery. He remains in the jail on a $5,000 bond.