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Woman arrested in grandma beating
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Officers on their way to a family fight found the offender lying in the middle of the road screaming.

They found 24-year-old Ashley Nicole Cook thrashing around on the ground and a man standing close by, attempting to calm her down. Cook continued to kick her feet in the air and roll from side to side, according to reports. When officers asked the man if he knew what was wrong with her, he allegedly told them she had just left her grandmother's home and the two had been arguing.

Reports indicate that all attempts by the officers to communicate with Cook were in vain and that be was "being belligerent" and the officers couldn't understand what she was saying. They also noticed she attempted to be pregnant, so in an attempt to calm her, one officer grabbed her shoulders. Eventually she calmed enough that she was able to stand and speak with the officer.

She reportedly told the officers that she didn't want EMS treatment and admitted that she had just left her grandmother's home. Talking about the grandmother seemed to agitate Cook once again and she allegedly began yelling and saying that "all they want is my money."

When officers met with Cook's 71-year-old grandmother she told them Cook came to her home and demanded money from her Social Security check, which she legally handles as Cook's caretaker. She allegedly gave Cook $375 and put the rest aside for rent money. Cook became upset and demanded all the money and although her grandmother attempted to explain things to her, Cook would not listen.

According to reports, the grandmother said that Cook began to attack her, grabbing her hand and twisting her arm back. At one point, Cook reportedly pushed the elderly woman to the ground and put her foot on the chest. All of this was in front of two minors who were in the living room at the time. The victim told officers that Cook reached down and bit her on the right arm and left ring finger hard enough to make it bleed, grabbed the money and ran out the door.

Cook was arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center where she was charged with Family Violence Act battery, cruelty to children and disorderly conduct.