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Woman arrested for baby shoes theft
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A woman was arrested Friday afternoon after allegedly stealing baby shoes.

Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to Citi Trends. While officers were en route, the alleged thief had already left the store.

The woman, Maicheira M. Slaughter, was still outside the store, sitting in her gold Impala with a pair of infant Keds shoes next to her.

When officers asked her to show them the shoes, she reportedly said, "I bought those shoes a long time ago." However, officers could tell the pristine white shoes were brand new.

A Citi Trends employee described Slaughter as the woman who had taken the shoes. When officers confronted her with the identification, she reportedly began to cry and admitted to taking the baby shoes.

The store employee told officers that Slaughter and another woman came into the store and went to where the infant shoes were located.

When the employee went to see if the women needed assistance, she said that Slaughter was sitting on a bench with her child, the shoes out of the box and her purse opened between her legs.

She said she watched as Slaughter dropped the shoes into her purse when she thought the employee wasn’t looking.

The second woman stepped in front of her in an attempt to hide the theft from the employee.

She said they then put the empty box back on the shelf and left the store with the infant and several other children.

The $26.99 shoes were returned to the store and Slaughter was transported to the Newton County Jail and charged with shoplifting.

Puppy love

Police were called to a home in Oxford Friday afternoon after a man reportedly received multiple harassing calls from another man about his dog.

When officers arrived, the man told them that he owns a pit bull that once belonged to his cousin. He had begun caring for the dog before his cousin was released from prison as it was malnourished.

His cousin had since gotten out of prison, and the dog was now pregnant.

His cousin is continuously calling and texting him, asking for one of the puppies.

The man told police he didn’t want to give his cousin one of the puppies, but that his cousin is threatening him through text message.

He wanted to make a report, "due to [his cousin] having violent tendencies and he knows that [his cousin] will do something stupid to get the puppy."

He told police he had even installed an alarm system at his home because he was scared of what his cousin would do.