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Walmart employee punches manager
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A Walmart manager said one of his employees punched him after having a meeting with him on Wednesday.

Covington police were dispatched to the Walmart on Industrial Boulevard in reference to an assault around 12:30 p.m. A police officer spoke with a manager who said an employee told him he needed to talk to him, and the manger had the employee go to the mangers office. The manager had two other managers sit in with him on the meeting with the employee.

After the meeting, the employee got up from his chair and walked from the office. The manager spoke with the other two managers for a short time in the office and then walked out to the receiving area. The employee then reportedly approached the manager, threw his badge down and said, "Now talk to me like you did earlier" and punched the manager in the left cheek. The manager turned away to get away from the employee but the employee hit the manager again on the back right side of the head and told the manager that he quit and walked out of Walmart.

The manager wrote a statement about the incident and police advised him of the warrant procedure. Police also took pictures of the manager. The pictures and statement were taken for evidence. The managers also told police that they would check and see if they had video of the incident.

Man steals Jaguar from car lot after taking a test drive

A car salesman said a man stole a Jaguar from his car lot while taking a test drive on Saturday. Covington police responded to Washington Street on Tuesday around 4 p.m. in reference to a stolen vehicle.

Police spoke to a car salesman who said he had a 1997 gold Jaguar for sale at his shop and another car salesman on Washington Street sent a man to his location to test drive the vehicle. The salesman said the man arrived to his shop and identified himself as Jerrell. The salesman said Jerrell left in the car and has not returned the vehicle.

The salesman tried to contact Jerrell and the other salesman but did not get any response. The salesman told police he believed Jerrell left his vehicle on the lot and he would try to get more information. The Jaguar was entered in the Georgia Crime Information Center. The value of the vehicle was determined to be $1,500.