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Victim tells Covington officers he does not recall location when gunfire hit him

A man suffering from a gunshot wound said he could not remember where he was when gunfire hit him this week, a report stated.

Tahmir Foendoe reportedly told officers from two agencies at Piedmont Newton Hospital late Tuesday he could not remember where he was when someone shot him in the side of his right shoulder.

A Covington Police Department report stated two officers responded to the hospital Tuesday, Aug. 18, about 11:30 p.m. about the gunshot incident.

The victim told officers he was shot in a neighborhood “near a pool but could not remember where it was located.”

His sister and mother then told officers different versions of how they discovered the victim.

The sister told officers she drove to the scene where she picked him up, drove him to their mother’s Conyers home and then to the Covington hospital.

But she also told officers she could not remember the specific location of the neighborhood “but it was possibly out Brown Bridge Road,” a report stated.

Officers later called the victim’s mother who said Foendoe had been dropped off at her Conyers home by an unknown vehicle and she told the sister to transport the victim to Piedmont Newton.

After determining the location of the incident was not inside Covington, officers asked the county sheriff’s office to take over the investigation.

“The victim was unable to provide our deputies with any information regarding his penetrating trauma,” said spokeswoman Caitlin Jett of the Newton County Sheriff's Office. 

She said there agency was investigating the incident and is asking the public to call the sheriff’s office with any information.