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UPDATE: Boil Water advisory lifted for Porterdale
Water spouts from a burst pipe at the four-way intersection in Porterdale, on Crowell Road and Hwy. 81. - photo by Cynthia Blackshear-Warren

UPDATE: The boil water advisory for Porterdale has been lifted as of Friday evening. "Lab test results found there were no water quality issues. Water is safe for consumption," said a statement from the City of Porterdale.


(July 30, 7:53 p.m.) The boil water advisory for Porterdale is still in effect as of Thursday, July 30, until further notice. The following streets are affected: Dyer Lane, Crowell Rd, Magan Ct., Michael Ryan Dr., South Broad St., Wynfield Dr., Oakmont Ct., Weldon Pl, Maple Court, Jackson Road, Cedar St., Elm St., Willow St., Porter Lane, and Rock House Rd.


(July 29, 10:54 a.m.) A boil water advisory has been issued for the south side of Porterdale after a water line was hit during construction Wednesday morning.

According to the city of Porterdale, a contractor at the four-way intersection, on Crowell Road and Hwy. 81, hit a water line, which knocked out the water supply for the south side of town. According to state regulations when a system loses all water pressure a boil advisory must be issued for the affected area.

Streets included in the advisory are: Dyer Lane, Crowell Road, Magan Court, Michael Ryan Drive, South broad Street, Wynfield Drive, Oakmont Court, Welsdon Place, Maple Court, Jackson Road, Cedar Street, Elm Street, Willow Street, Porter Lane, and Rock House Road.

Hang tags will be issued for all residents and businesses in the south side of Porterdale, advising them to boil water before drinking it.

A testing lab will be performing tests on the water for bacteria. Porterdale said after there is a non-contaminated result, in 24 hours people can start using water again for drinking.

During the boil water advisory period water can be used for washing and other purposes.

For more information on the boil-water advisory contact Porterdale City Hall at 770-786-2217.