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Unwashed dishes, date lead to fights
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A Covington woman was arrested on Tuesday after she reportedly hit her 39-year-old daughter for not washing the dishes. Covington police responded to a home on Dearing Street in reference to a family fight and spoke with Christy Sexton who said she got into a verbal altercation with her daughter because the dishes weren't washed. Sexton told police that her daughter and her daughter's 7-year-old son moved back in to her house several years ago after her daughter lost her job. Sexton said she left her house that day and when she came back home, she realized her daughter did not do the dishes. She said that's when she and her daughter got into an argument, in the kitchen. During the argument Sexton slapped her daughter in the face. Police spoke with Sexton's husband and her daughter who also told police the same story about the altercation. Sexton's daughter's son was in a bedroom asleep during the argument. Sexton was arrested and charged with simple battery under the Family Violence Act.

Couple arrested after fighting over a date night

Covington police arrested Chad Bosson and his girlfriend Carlie Frix on Tuesday after they got into a fight over a date. According to a report, police responded to a home on Private Drive and found a black Chevrolet pickup truck parked at the end of the street with hazard lights on. They spoke with Bosson who told police that he picked up Frix to bring her to a friend's house and she bit him during a fight near S&S Package store on Ga. Highway 36.

Bosson showed police the bite mark on his arm. He said at some point while on the way to their friend's house, Frix grabbed his pocket knife and when they arrived there, she got out of the car and slashed the front tire of his truck. He showed the officer the slash in his tire. Police reported that Bosson was speaking rapidly while tellinghis side of the story and was moving back and forth. Another officer asked Bosson to repeat his story three times. 

He told the officer that people outside of the liquor store saw the fight and they could tell the story. Police also spoke with Frix. She showed police an abrasion on her nose and said Bosson had hit her. Frix said they were fighting, but Bosson hit her first. She told police her mother filed a report on them earlier in the week but she still loved Bosson. Frix said Bosson was supposed to take her to dinner the night before, but instead choose to purchase drugs. Frix said Bosson pulled a knife out on her and she took it from him and slashed his tire. The officer reported that there were no injuries on Frix's hand. Police also spoke with the friend who lived at the residence. He said while he was sitting outside, he saw Bosson pull out a knife on Frix and they began fighting with each other near the truck and he heard the tire go flat. The man said he did not know where the knife came from or who had it. Bosson and Frix were both arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Woman calls deputies after her home was burglarized

A woman said someone broke into her house and stole several items. Deputies with the Newton County Sheriff's Office responded to a call about a burglary at a home on Lewis Lane on Tuesday around 10 a.m. Deputies spoke with the woman who said an unknown person broke into her house and stole her black Samsung 32 inch flat screen TV, black Toshiba 17 inch laptop computer and a key ring with keys to both vehicles.
A deputy noticed that the door in the rear of the residence was kicked in and a muddy foot print was on the door. The deputy also reported that the screen had been removed from the rear kitchen window and was on the ground below the window. Deputies cleared the residence and observed several drawers had been opened in all of the upstairs bedrooms and it appeared a TV was missing from the master bedroom. They also said a jewelry box had been tampered with in the master bedroom. The deputy said a black printer was on its side and it appeared a computer had been removed in the upstairs office. The woman did not know of anything else missing at the time of the report. The total cost of the items stolen and property damage was $840.

Woman reports criminal trespassing after neighbor damages her vegetable plants

A Mansfield woman called deputies with the Newton County Sheriff's Office and said her neighbor damaged her vegetables while trying to take back his plant cages. According to a report from the NCSO, deputies responded to a home on 6th Avenue on Sunday and spoke with the woman who said she came home and discovered her entire garden had been damaged. She said she borrowed the cages from her neighbor but they had recently got into an argument and he came over and took his cages back.