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Two youths charged after child hit with stick
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Two juveniles were charged with battery Friday after reportedly attacking another juvenile with a stick.

According to reports from the Covington Police Department, officers were called to a home on Pine Glenn Circle around 5 p.m. Friday, and when they arrived, they spoke to a woman who said her juvenile son had just been punched by another juvenile, and that child — along with several others — had been picking on her son for some time.

She allegedly told officers that three juveniles had come to her home and were "mouthing off at her son." She said one of them threw a stick at her son while he was standing at the back door of their home, striking him in the head. She brought her son inside the home and while he was standing in front of an open window looking outside at the juveniles who were harassing him, one of them came up to the window and punched him in the eye through the screen, then ran away, which is when she called the police.

The officer’s report indicates that the juvenile victim had a bruise and a small amount of blood in his eye, as well as a small bruise on his head where he had reportedly been hit with the stick. The boy allegedly told officers that the other juveniles had been picking on him for some time and that he was scared of them. The officer also spoke with several other juvenile witnesses who saw the incident and gave similar accounts. An adult neighbor who witnessed the victim getting hit with the stick reportedly told officers that she told the aggressive juveniles they should "quit acting like that," and that one of them threatened to kill the juvenile victim.

Officers made contact with the fathers of two of the aggressive juveniles. The juvenile who had allegedly punched the victim had run when he saw law enforcement, according to the other boys.

One of the juveniles reportedly told the officer he had been at the victim’s house but he had been visiting a friend and that the missing juvenile did hit the victim but only because he thought the victim had spit at him. The boy witnesses had identified as the one who threw the stick denied doing it and continued to deny it despite being confronted with witness statements.

After speaking with the father and explaining to one that his son would have a compliant filed against him for throwing the stick, both adults said they would keep their children away from the victim. The boys were left with their fathers and officers went to look for the parents of the missing juvenile.

When they arrived at his home they were told by his mother that he had just left with his sister. She was told about the situation and she allegedly told officers that she had some knowledge of what had been going on but "she thought [the victim] had been running his mouth at her son."

According to reports, the officer explained to her that even if that were the case, her son was four years older than the victim and that he "had no business putting his hands on him."

The mother told officers that she was unsure about what exactly had happened, but that she had heard her son talking about the incident. She said she would contact authorities when he returned home so that he could give his side of the story. As of press time, authorities had yet to hear from the juvenile.

Both the juvenile who allegedly threw the stick at the victim and the one who reportedly punched him have been charged with battery.