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Two men kick in door of home while teenager is inside
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A teenage girl was home alone when two men reportedly kicked in the door and entered her home.

According to reports, the 13-year-old called 911 at around 10:45 a.m. Tuesday morning and reportedly told the emergency operator that she had locked herself in her bedroom and that someone had just kicked in the back door and was inside the house with her.

Deputies from the Newton County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the home roughly seven minutes later and met with both the teenager and her mother who had allegedly just arrived. After cleaning the home they asked the mother to see if anything appeared to be missing. Reports indicate that she told deputies a Nintendo Wii Fit game console with controllers was missing, as well as a Dell laptop and two HP laptops.

The teenager was able to tell deputies that she had seen a black SUV back into her driveway and two black males exit the vehicle, one of which was wearing a red shirt, according to reports.

As one deputy returned to his patrol car the get a card to supply to the homeowner, a black SUV occupied by two black males — one in a red shirt — allegedly drove by the home. Deputies jumped into their patrol cars and began to follow the vehicle.

At one point the driver of the SUV reportedly went over the center line on the road and went around curves in the road without slowing down. Deputies caught up with the vehicle and stopped the driver. Both occupants reportedly got out of the vehicle and followed directions given by the deputies. The driver, identified as Daniel Allen Williams and the passenger identified as Marques Ledon Little were searched and placed into a patrol car. Williams allegedly give deputies permission to search his vehicle.

During the search deputies reportedly found a Wii console unit, a Dell laptop and another Wii console sitting in a shoe box. The teenager and her father came to the scene and she reportedly told deputies that Williams looked like one of the men who had pulled into her driveway

Both men were taken in for questioning and Little reportedly admitted to kicking in the door at the home and stealing the laptops and the game system. He reportedly told an investigator where they had hidden the laptops and deputies were reportedly able to locate the computers in the woods.

Both men were arrested and charged with burglary.