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Two men arrested after fleeing police
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An officer who initially stopped to help two men, whose vehicle had broken down, ended up arresting the same two men after a foot-chase Saturday.

Kelvin Jones and Dedrick Poe were arrested and faced a list of charges after they reportedly tried to run away from police around 8 p.m.

A report said an officer from the Covington Police Department stopped when he saw a red and white Ford F-150 disabled and blocking the eastbound righthand lane of U.S. Highway 278.

The officer helped the driver, Jones, and the passenger, Poe, push the vehicle out of the highway and into a private parking lot. According to the report, while pushing the vehicle, the officer noticed that Poe appeared intoxicated, with heavy eyelids, slurred speech and a strong odor of alcohol.

The report said the officer didn’t speak with Jones at the time, but saw that his eyes were also glassy.

According to the report, once the vehicle was out of the roadway, the officer asked both men for their identification. At that time, both reportedly became nervous and apprehensive and said their identification was in the truck, both separately attempting to go to the vehicle.

However, the officer refused to let the two men go back to the vehicle and asked for their names. Poe reportedly gave a false name, and Jones refused to respond and then repeatedly asked the officer why he needed his name, the report said. The two men reportedly made several more attempts to separate.

The officer reportedly began to walk toward Jones, at which point Jones fled on foot around the vehicle before traveling south on West Street, the report said. Poe simultaneously fled east across the front parking lot of Burrito Loco toward Don’s Superette.

The officer gave verbal commands for Jones to stop and attempted deploy his Taser on him, but the Taser disconnected because Jones was wearing a thick leather jacket, the report said.

"Jones then turned east into a grassy field and continued running, eventually shedding his jacket," the report said.

That’s when the officer was then able to Taze Jones successfully, and Jones was taken into custody.

According to the report, while Jones was being chased by the officer, another officer who had arrived ran after Poe, who fled toward Emory Street and U.S. Highway 278. That officer also had to deploy his Taser, and soon took Poe into custody.

Both men were reportedly searched by police. Officers found a plastic bag inside Jones‘ pants pocket that contained what officers believed to be cocaine. Jones also reportedly had several other plastic bags used for repackaging and reselling of drugs; and a piece of paper that appeared to have stolen credit card information. Police also reportedly found a digital scale with a white-powdered residue in the truck.

Police learned that Jones had five active warrants — a parole violation, default of child support in DeKalb County; and in Fulton County, warrants for aggravated assault with a weapon, criminal damage to property and theft by taking. Poe had an active warrant out of Gwinnett County for identity theft, the report said.

Jones was charged with driving on a suspended license, obstruction of an officer and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and five outstanding warrants.

Poe was charged with giving a false name to an officer, two counts of obstruction of an officer, and one outstanding warrant.