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Two drivers, two stories
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Police attempted to settle a dispute between two angry drivers Sunday evening.

Officers were called to Flat Shoals Road and Highland Drive, where they spoke with a driver who said he had been run off the road by another car.

He reportedly told officers that he was heading north on Flat Shoals behind a black car that was going "very slowly" – approximately 25 mph.

He said he waited until they reached a passing zone and attempted to pass the car, at which time the female driver reportedly swerved her vehicle into his, causing him to run off the road and hit a PVC pole on the side of the road.

When officers looked up the tag number, they were able to speak with the owner of the car, who said his daughter had been driving the vehicle and that he would have her meet with officers.

She reportedly told officers that the man who had made the initial report had been tailgating her from the point she left her driveway.

"[She] stated the car stayed on her bumper at the stop signs and continued to follow closely once she turned north on Flat Shoals… driving crazy."

According to reports, the woman told officers that the male had tried to pass her, but another car had been coming, which is how he ended up driving off the road.She allegedly told officers that at a stop sign at Flat Shoals and Washington Street the male came up to her car and asked her why she was driving so slowly.

Officers were unable to determine who was at fault in the incident.

Angry ex

A Covington woman called police for help after her ex-boyfriend reportedly got rough with her and threatened to kill her early Monday morning.

Officers met with the victim at her home. She reportedly told them that she and her ex-boyfriend had been broken up for three or four weeks and that she was at a party on Puckett Street when she saw her ex. She said that he walked up to her as she was trying to leave the party and hit her in the mouth.

She and a friend reportedly went to her home, and reports indicate that the victim’s ex-boyfriend came there and began banging on the door. She said he asked to speak with her outside and away from her kids, and when she stepped outside, she reportedly told officers, her ex-boyfriend began punching her in the chest. She ran from him, she said, and he gave chase, and began choking her, telling her, "I am going to kill you."

According to reports, the victim was able to escape her ex-boyfriend, but he chased her and caught her again, and began punching her in the arm. She said she tried to call police, but that her ex took the phone away from her and threw it in the woods, telling her, "Go get it, you dog."

She was able to escape once again and grab her phone. She reportedly locked herself inside her home and called 911, while her ex allegedly stood outside, kicking and beating on the door, "telling her that if she called the police, he would kill her before they got there."

She was advised of the TPO (temporary protection order) process, and the case was turned over to investigators.