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Two arrested for marijuana
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A call to a Bent Pine Court home early Sunday morning for stalking led to several arrests, including two for marijuana.

As the officers approached the front door of the residence they could immediately smell marijuana, and although they could see two males asleep on the couch through the blinds, officers knocked for about five minutes before anyone came to the front door.

Eventually a woman came to the door. She said it was probably her sister who had called 911 and that she had left several minutes before officers arrived.

When asked about the strong smell of marijuana, the woman reportedly told officers that she didn't know where it came from and gave them permission to search the home.

The three men in the living room and two found sleeping in the bedroom were patted down before officers started searching the home. In a trash bag beside one of the couches officers located a brown bag that smelled strongly of marijuana and contained a plastic bag and a small black bag, both with suspected marijuana inside.

When asked who the marijuana belonged to, two of the men, 20-year-old Quavious Damon Huff and 23-year-old Dustin Demario Elliott admitted it was theirs, according to reports. They were both arrested for possession less than one ounce of marijuana. A third man, 18-year-old Travis English, was arrested on a warrant out of Carroll County.
The two other males were issued warnings and told to leave the home.