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Turner Lake looks good after spruce up
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With spring just around the corner, many residents are making their way over to Turner Lake Park to walk the trails, and several have noticed it is looking good. The Newton County Recreation Commission said it recently went in with machines and cleared out much of the underbrush and limbs in order to keep the public safe and the park looking nice.

“The first impression is always your last impression… We try and keep it looking really nice,” said Tommy Hailey, the recreation director of the Newton County Recreation Commission.

The Recreation Center tries to go in and clean out these hazardous materials once a year, around October, if it is financially able. There are a few full-time employees who are responsible for doing things like picking up trash, emptying trash cans and cutting grass.

Littering is an ongoing issue the Recreation Commission has to deal with, claiming some people even go out of their way to pollute the park. However, the tobacco ordinance that was approved back in December 2012, which prohibits the use of tobacco, will soon be going into effect April 1. Not only is it expected to significantly reduce the amount of cigarette butts that litter the park grounds, but it will also help to educate the public on the dangers that tobacco poses.