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Traffic stop yields checks, cash, gun
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A traffic violation stop Wednesday resulted in the arrest of a man against whom there was a failure-to-appear warrant and led to the confiscation of a weapon, a "large amount of U.S. currency’’ and a "stash of checks,’’ according to reports.

A Covington Police officer was in the area of South Sterling Lakes Drive, reports said, when he saw a red SUV run a stop sign. When the officer pulled the car over, the driver, identified as Gian Windham, said he was picking up a friend and did not know there was a stop sign there. While he was speaking, the officer reported that he detected "an odor of marijuana’’ from inside the vehicle. He asked Windham to step out of the vehicle and asked if he had any weapons; Windham said he did, and the officer "was then able to secure a Ruger 9mm."

When Windham agreed to a search and was then searched, reports said, no marijuana was found, but officers found a "large amount’’ of cash in his pants pocket. Windham was then handcuffed, and a passenger was asked to step out of the vehicle.

When the passenger consented to a search, he, too, was found to have "a large amount of cash’’ in his pocket, reports said.

When the officer further searched the vehicle, he reportedly found a "stash of checks made out to multiple people’’ in the center console between the driver’s and passenger seats, along with a receipt from Wells Fargo that showed a check had been cashed that day for $8,957.11.

The passenger told the officer that Windham had come to pick him up and they were going to "the club or strip club,’’ according to reports.

The officer was unable to contact either companies or individuals whose names were on the checks at that time, reports said.

The passenger was not detained, and Windham was turned over to the jail on the failure-to-appear warrant.

Taken into evidence, reports said, were five mortgage company checks; two U.S. Treasury checks — one made out to a woman in Lithonia and another to an organization in Mission, South Dakota; the Wells Fargo receipt; the currency that was in Windham’s pocket; the Ruger 9mm; and a 16-round magazine.

An investigation is continuing.