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Too much cologne leads to V-day arrest
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Two men were arrested on Valentine’s Day, despite attempting to convince police that the heavy cologne was just because of the holiday and not being used to mask the smell of illegal drugs in their vehicle.

Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to Five O’Clock Somewhere just after 10 p.m. regarding suspicious activity in a truck parked behind the popular bar. When they arrived they noticed a red truck parked in the back with no lights on. When the officers shined their flashlights into the cab of the truck the two males inside, later identified as 23-year-old Thomas David Smith and 29-year-old Joshua Lee White “began making furtive movements within the vehicle.”

“Once I was at the driver side window I could smell a strong odor of a cologne,” reads the officer’s report. “I asked why the smell of cologne was so strong and the passenger, White, stated ‘because it’s Valentine’s Day.’ I asked what they were doing and they said ‘just hanging out.’”

When asked for the driver’s licenses White gave the officer his on the first try, but Davis reportedly handed the officer a pack of rolling papers first, before retrieving his license. 

According to reports, as the smell of cologne began to dissipate, the smell of marijuana began to become more noticeable from inside the vehicle. 

During a search of the vehicle a small amount of marijuana was found in the floorboard. When asked where the rest of it was, White reportedly said he had thrown it out the window, and then that he had smoked it. Smith allegedly told officers that he ate it, then he changed his story and said it was down the back of his pants. 

Both were arrested for possession of marijuana. Additionally Smith had a warrant out of Jasper County.