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Tip of the Week - Take care to not overspend
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We're down to the wire with the arrival of Christmas in just seven days! The week before Christmas, we are more apt to overspend. You may have inadvertently left someone off our Christmas list or you didn't expect the cost of making your great aunt's divinity to be quite so high. (Pecans are expensive, y'all!)

If you find yourself in a bind for last minute gifts or sweet treats, don't rush out and blow your budget. Take a second to evaluate what's left of your holiday funds and renew your promise to not overspend.

If you need two extra gifts for the family Christmas party, pick up two small gift cards at local businesses or make something less expensive than that divinity. Resist the urge to add to the Santa presents at this late date. You're more likely to splurge as the clock ticks down to the big day and will suffer come January when there may be more month than money.

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