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Tip of the Week - Aug. 10
10 ways to save 10 bucks this month
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1. Avoid the ATM- You'll save yourself those inflated fees and you'll spend less money too.

2. Use the library- Check out books, DVDs, CDs, magazines and take classes too.

3. Pack your lunch- You'll save big money every week as well as eat healthier!

4. Don't eat dinner out - Stay away from restaurants and cook what you're craving at home. You'll do it for a fraction of the cost and, odds are, it will taste better too.

5. Use coupons- Treat coupons like FREE money. Not just on groceries, but on entertainment and services.

6. Make one trip- Save yourself time and gas by running all your errands in one trip.

7. Downsize - Get rid of cable television, phones and memberships that you don't use.

8. Ditch a bad habit - If you smoke or drink, consider quitting or cutting back. You'll save a ton of money and you'll be healthier too.

9.Buy used when possible - Check out what's available at yard sales, on eBay and at thrift stores. You'd be surprised by how much you can save!

10. Do it yourself - Don't just think of DIY for home improvement projects. Think of all the money you'll save if you changed your own oil, cut your own grass, groomed your dog and gave yourself a pedicure.

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