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Thieves use rocks to break into store
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"Mr. Jack" Moser was featured in a previous story in The Covington News concerning his condemned house.

Cellphones, tablets and several other electronics were reportedly stolen from the Verizon Wireless store on Industrial Boulevard Friday.

An officer with the Covington Police Department went to the store just before 3 a.m. in reference to a burglar alarm. He discovered the front door had been broken out, and found two large rocks inside the store.

The officer met with an employee, who was the "key holder," who checked to see if anything was missing. Photographs were taken before the employee checked to see what was missing.

The employee determined that, among other things, three Samsung tablets, a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, two iPad mini’s, an iPad and 14 cellphones were stolen. There was no determined value of the items stolen at the time of the report.

No further details were available.

Digging for trouble

A man reportedly found rummaging through a garbage can was arrested Thursday and charged with obstruction of an officer.

An officer with the Covington Police Department was on patrol at Fred’s Plaza at U.S. Highway 278 just before 1:30 p.m. when he observed a male known as Jack Moser digging in the trash can at a car wash.

The officer knew there was a contempt of court warrant out for Moser, and notified dispatch that he would approach Moser.

The police officer, who addressed Moser as "Mr. Jack" as he had before, told Moser that he had a warrant for his arrest.

Moser reportedly esponded, "The Covington Police Department does not exist, only Newton County."

The officer asked Moser to come with him, but Moser refused and said he’d stay right where he was. Moser then reportedly reached into the garbage can and grabbed a handful of trash.

The officer grabbed Moser’s wrist and told him he was under arrest. Moser attempted to pull away.

According to the report, Moser attempted to stomp the officer’s feet and kick him. As the officer was trying to cuff Moser, he continued to stomp, kick and attempt to spin away. The officer reported he was able to get one cuff on Moser, which allowed him to achieve better control of Moser.

Another officer happened to drive up to the scene and noticed the scuffle and exited his vehicle to try to calm Moser down. As he did, Moser reportedly kicked the other officer in the leg and stomped on his feet.

Moser was eventually handcuffed, searched and placed in a patrol car. He reportedly cursed officers and acted aggressively. He was arrested on charges of obstruction of an officer and contempt of court and transported to the Newton County Jail.

Shopping spree

A man reported that someone spent more than $1,200 from his father-in-law’s checking account Tuesday.

A deputy with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office talked with a man by phone who said someone had forged checks from his father-in-law’s Bank of America checking account.

The man said three checks were written and two electronic transfers were made, totaling $1,260. The checks were written on July 13, for $692.41; Aug. 11, for $142.64: and Aug. 11, for $36.10.

He reported that the electronic transfers were made on Aug. 12 at Old Navy for $205.53 and Aug. 13 at Shoe Carnival for $185.40.

The man said the bank advised him that more charges had occurred as well.

California scheming?

A woman told deputies that a man from California still owes her rent and may have stolen several of her belongings from her mobile home Thursday.

A deputy with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a mobile home on Salem Road in reference to a theft. The woman told the deputy that she owned a mobile home and had left some of her belongings in it because she did not have room for them at her new residence.

The woman said she was letting a friend of her brother-in-law and the friend’s girlfriend stay there. The man was from California, she said.

The woman said the man told her he was interested in buying the mobile home and stayed for a week. She said he did not pay any rent, but told her he was going to give her some money "in a couple of weeks. "

When the woman reportedly went to the home on Thursday, she noticed that some of her belongings were gone, including a Sony PlayStation 3, at an estimated cost of $450; a 46- inch flat-screen television, valued at $500; and a Samsung DVD player, valued at $200.

The woman told the deputy she tried to call the man several times, but he did not answer her calls.