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The Mural
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It was a warm, sunny day as Carol and Don mixed the colors and arranged the various brushes they would use to transform this blank side of the building into a advertising work of art.

Carol, an artist and owner of Van-Go’s Studio on Floyd Street, said this was a special challenge but an adventure she was willing to tackle with fellow artist Don Troutman. Troutman said anything creative has always intrigued him.

“I’m a hands-on kinda artist,” Troutman said. Working with wood and leather seems to be his passion and many of his creations are on display at Van-Go’s.

Jared Rutberg, a veteran bronze-star helicopter pilot from the Gulf War and owner of Pro Lube, said it was an idea that came to him as he drove past his business. “I needed a bigger sign, so why not use the building?” Rutberg said.
Sherwin Williams donated the paint for the patriotic theme.

I watched as the artists took meticulous care with each stroke of their brushes. I watched as their vision came to life.

Stretching above their heads and standing on ladders, they applied coat after coat of red, white and blue. The process of measurements and drawing of the flags surrounded by stars took several days.

On the final day as the last stroke was made, you could see the hard work has paid off.

“It’s just what we had envisioned; we are very pleased,” the staff at Pro Lube told me as they each walked around looking up at the completed work of art.