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The Food Depot
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The Food Depot

Address: 6169 Highway 278 N.

Covington, Ga. 30014

Phone: 770-787-2622

Web site:

Food Depot’s believes in providing its customers with cost effective and quality groceries. The store has a weekly coupon circular that can be picked up in The Covington News or printed online at

This week Food Depot is promoting its large selections of steaks, chicken, ham, hot dogs and hamburgers during its Backyard Barbeque event.

Sirloin steaks are only $3.95 per pound, pork chops $1.65 per pound and chuck roast $1.55 per pound. Food Depot also has deals on dairy, fruits and vegetables. Roma tomatoes are 68 cents per pound, papayas are 78 cents per pound and mangoes are 78 cents each.

The Food Depot company was first opened under the name QUALITY in Stockbridge, Ga. in March 1975 and renamed to Food Depot in 1988. Food Depot has 25 stores in the Atlanta area including one in Conyers and one in Covington.  
On its Web site, Food Depot said it “concentrates on the basics and doing it right.”