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Tenants rent checks stolen
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Several occupants of Magnolia Heights apartments had their rent money stolen from the night deposit box last week.

According to several different incident reports, at least seven people had their money orders and checks stolen from the box. Management at the apartment complex realized what happened when, after sending letters to tenants, they came in and claimed they had dropped their money off already.

The total amount of theft was approximately $3,646.50, with the smallest amount at $75.50 and the largest at $760.

The old show switcheroo

A Covington woman was arrested Friday after reportedly stealing shoes from Shoe Depot.

Officers were called to the store after a woman wearing Capri sweats and a sleeveless shirt with butterflies on it came into the store and left with a pair of tennis shoes without paying for them.

The woman, later identified as Taylor Kayla, had reportedly taken her shoes off and placed them in the box of the Nike Revolution shoes (valued at $54.99), then left the store wearing the new shoes. Officers found her sitting outside of another store. When she saw them she allegedly tried to stuff the stolen shoes underneath the bench she was sitting on.

She was identified by Shoe Depot employees and arrested for shoplifting. The shoes were returned to the store.

Family dispute ends with slap

A woman called deputies and requested a report after her brother-in-law reportedly attacked her.

Deputies were called to a home on Sutton Place on Thursday evening. When they arrived they met with the victim who told them she had been attacked by her brother-in-law, who had left, along with her sister.

She reported that she was helping clean the house when the man walked into the room. The woman told officers that he grabbed her and then hit her with an open hand over something she said to her sister that didn't involve him. She did not have marks on her, according to reports, and she initially refused to press charges and then changed her mind. Deputies explained the warrant procedure to the victim.