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Teen snatches shopper's phone at Walmart
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A Gainesville woman reportedly chased a teen who tried to steal her iPhone 5 at the Salem Road Walmart Friday.

NCSO Deputy Cortney Morrison said the woman was shopping when a 14-year-old male came up behind her and snatched the phone out of her hand. Morrison said the woman turned around and saw the teen running away with her phone.

"She began to chase him out of the store, and a Walmart employee chased him as well," Morrison said. "The Walmart employee was able to catch up with the teen in the parking lot."

Morrison said the phone was recovered, and the teen faces juvenile charges of robbery. Morrison said the teen was released to his parents.

Put the trash in the can, man

A Covington man reported that he was threatened after he told another man to stop littering at a gas station.

A deputy with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to a home on Countryside Lane Sunday afternoon after receiving a call about terroristic threats.

A man told the deputy that he was at a gas station at Oak Hill Road and Ga. Highway 81 when he observed and confronted a man who was littering in the parking lot. The litterer then threatened to follow the man home and threatened violence.

The man said he reported the incident because the man he had confronted and a woman drove by his house shortly after leaving the gas station.

Lights out

A woman reportedly destroyed a light in the bedroom she shared with her husband after an ongoing argument Sunday.

A NCSO deputy responded to a home in reference to a family fight.

The deputy spoke with a husband and wife, who both said the fight stemmed from an argument earlier at church, which continued in their vehicle on the way to a restaurant, where the woman would not get out of the car to go inside for dinner.

The man told the deputy that after waiting for his wife inside the restaurant with their children, he told them it was time to go.

After they went home, the report said, the woman went inside and changed clothes to go to sleep before her night shift at work. The man said when he went to the bedroom to change his clothes, his wife became aggravated by the light.

According to the report, the woman got up and turned the light off, but the man turned the light back on and told her he was using the light.

The woman then got up, got a hammer, went back to the bedroom and struck the light fixture with a hammer, breaking it.

NCSO deputy Cortney Morrison said the couple was separated at the scene.

Morrison said no charges were filed.