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Teen points BB gun at officer
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Juvenile complaints were filed against three young males on Christmas Day, and two of the teens were tasered by Covington police officers.

A Covington Police Department officer responded to Maple Drive after reports that four male teenagers were fighting in the street. Dispatch informed the officer that one of the males, who was wearing a gray hoodie, had a gun..

Upon arrival, the officer reportedly saw three males walking from the area who fit the description given.

As the officer pulled his patrol car in front of the teens, they immediately started to run and ignored his verbal commands to stop, the report said.

Two of the young males reportedly jumped a fence, and the third was attempting to jump the fence as the officer approached him.

The officer again gave verbal commands for the teen to stop, but the teen ignored them, the report said.

The officer deployed his Taser and the teen fell off the fence and to the ground. The teen reportedly was told to lie face-down on the ground, and then complied.

The report said the other two teens immediately stopped on the other side of the fence when they heard the officer’s taser, but refused to get on the ground after the officer told them to do so.

The male in the gray hoodie reportedly still had a gun in his hand, so the officer drew his weapon and told the teen to drop his gun.

According to the report, the teen said, "It’s a BB gun," and tossed it on the ground. The teen still refused to lie on the ground and kept stating that he, "did not want to lie in the briars," the report said.

Since other officers were still responding and police did not know if there were other weapons involved in the incident, the first officer held the teens at gunpoint until backup arrived, the report said.

Another officer who arrived then told the teen in the gray hoodie to get on the ground, and the teen again refused. So the officer deployed his taser and the teen fell to the ground and was handcuffed. A Juvenile Intake Officer was notified and complaints were filed against the three teens.

   Two were charged with obstruction of an officer, while the juvenile with the BB gun was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and obstruction of an officer.

The teens were subsequently released to their parents.