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Teen charged with rape, molestation
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A Newton County teen was charged with child molestation and rape of a middle school-aged girl.

Markettequis Lamont Williams, 18, was arrested Thursday, but according to Covington Police Captain Ken Malcom, the incident actually occurred in October 2010. Police were not made aware of it until March of this year.

Williams was immediately identified as a suspect in the case, however he was out of state at the time. When he returned he was immediately arrested.

According to Malcom, the girl in question is not a stranger to Williams and the incident was not forced.

"When you hear the word ‘rape' you think of a stranger-on-stranger situation," said Malcom. "That was not the case here. However, a person in the victim's age range is not allowed to give consent. Even if she was a willing participant, legally she is not."

Williams is currently at the Newton County Detention Center where he is being held without bond.