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Teen athlete hit by truck still hospitalized
Alcovy student fights through injuries from being hit by a truck
christian mason
Thomas and Christian Mason

Thomas Mason was on his way to pick up his son, Christian Mason, from a workout with the track team at Alcovy High School. Before Thomas could reach his son, Mason was struck by the mirror of a logging truck driving by on Hwy. 36.

Thomas has been at the hospital with his son, who is now rehabilitating from severe brain trauma, ever since.

“We’re taking it day by day. He’s trying to recover from traumatic brain injuries,” Thomas said.

Christian is a 14-year-old sophomore at Alcovy. He’s a baseball player, who has made the All-Star team while playing at Newton County Rec and he also played on Alcovy’s ninth grade team as 13-year-old freshman.

Christian’s also incredibly smart. The day after his accident, Thomas received a letter stating that Christian had been accepted to a science and technology work camp that is reserved for students who maintain a 3.5 GPA and must be nominated by their principal.

Athletic and smart, Christian is also resilient. He had successful scoliosis surgery and he was set to come back strong from that.

“He had been working hard for a good year. He had surgery a year before and he got cleared to do everything he wanted to do. [He was] strong, fit and motivated to make the track team and baseball team,” Thomas said.

Thomas says that his son, who he’s coached playing rec. ball, was a .500 or .600 hitter playing centerfield and as a part-time pitcher, which is how Christian made the All-Star team as a 13-year-old.

“He’s just a great athlete. Everybody knows him, everybody likes him. Smart kid, All-Star in baseball, football,” Thomas said. He added that his son is just a great kid, a terrific athlete and he’s never been in trouble.

Mason was concussed initially after the hit and was heavily sedated. During a Newton County Board of Commissioner’s meeting, District 1 Commissioner John Douglas requested prayers for Mason and his family.

On social media and beyond, the community has wrapped its supporting arms around the Mason family. The recreation staff at Newton County, principals, teammates, coaches and friends have all reached out to Thomas expressing their support and providing prayers for the family.

Christian Mason is a lot of things, smart, athletic, strong, but before any of that he is a son. Thomas has been with his son since the accident and will continue to be while he rehabs from his injuries, and hopefully can grace the residents of Newton County with his presence again once he’s back to full health.