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Synthetic high
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A concerned driver called authorities for help Sunday night after seeing a vehicle driving erratically.

Officers were able to catch up with the vehicle on U.S. Highway 278 and watch for themselves as the driver weaved in and out of the lanes, failing to yield and, initially, ignoring flashing lights signaling her to pull over.

When the woman stopped, she reportedly asked officers, "What did I do?"

As officers were arresting her, she was having trouble staying on her feet, according to reports, and her eyes were bloodshot and speech slurred.

The woman, identified as Michael Thompson, reportedly denied being under the influence of drugs, but refused to look at officers as they spoke with her.

Eventually she allegedly admitted to taking "something that I found… It was like that synthetic stuff you buy at the store."

She then admitted to smoking synthetic marijuana, according to reports.

After failing to complete sobriety tests, she was arrested and charged with DUI less safe (drugs) and failure to maintain lane.

Violent argument

An argument over a man spending time with another woman led to an arrest early Friday morning.

Officers were called to a home on Bohannon and West streets where they met with a pregnant woman who reportedly told them she and her boyfriend Michael Oneal Hammonds, had gotten into an argument over him spending time with another woman.

When the victim told Hammonds she wanted to end their relationship, things turned violent, according to reports.

The victim told officers that Hammonds hit her with a closed fist, calling her names and threatening to kill her.

She admitted to hitting Hammonds as well, but only in an attempt to get him off of her.

She said she was able to get away and run to a friend’s house, which is when she called 911.

Officers reported that the victim appeared to have been crying and was shaking and visibly upset.

Her right front tooth was chipped and her lip was swollen, busted and bleeding and it was painful for her to open her mouth.

She had red marks on both sides of her face and neck and several small abrasions to her chin and chest.

She refused medical treatment, according to reports.

She admitted to officers that Hammonds had choked her about a year before, but this was the worst thing he’d ever done and the first time he threatened to kill her.

She said that the two had lived together but were not allowed to live together any longer, even though she is four months pregnant with his child, and that Hammonds "smoked dope," but didn’t know if it was marijuana or crack because he didn’t smoke in front of her.

Officers told the victim about the process of getting a temporary restraining order.

They attempted to find Hammonds at his father’s house but were unsuccessful.

The victim also expressed concern that Hammonds or his family would harm her because she had called the police.

Warrants were taken charging Hammonds with charges of aggravated assault, terroristic threats and battery.