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Suspect: 'I'm going to jail for that'
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A forgetful, but polite, suspect was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana less than one ounce after police were called to the Covington Lodge on City Pond Road Tuesday to assist EMS.

According to reports, a responding officer found that EMS had a female patient in an ambulance, but had no information on her other than her name. When the officer entered the Covington Lodge, a "concerned citizen’’ who also resides at the lodge told him about a man named Charles, later identified as Charles Frady.

Frady told officers that the EMS patient was his girlfriend, and he provided them with her drivers license. When asked if the female had taken any drugs or had a history of drug use, Frady said no. When told that other residents of the lodge had said he had drugs in his room and possibly sold drugs, Frady said, "Go ahead and search the room if you would like, because I do not have anything illegal in here.’’

When officers searched the room, a pill container was discovered in a nightstand. Inside, according to reports, was a plastic bag containing a "green leafy substances suspected to be marijuana.’’

Frady, reports said, "held his head down and said, ‘Man, I forgot all about that. I was worried about my girlfriend.’’’

He then told officers, "OK, I know I’m going to jail for that, so let’s go ahead and go. I’m not mad at you, officer, for doing your job.’’

Officers also noted that "due to Frady’s size,’’ two sets of handcuffs were used during the arrest.

McDonald’s employees receive scare

A suspect who appeared to be brandishing a weapon and a skateboard was arrested on Friday after employees of the McDonald’s at 10405 Industrial Blvd. spied him in the parking lot, pointing what appeared to be a gun at the road. Employees at McDonald’s were "ducking down and hiding behind the counter,’’ according to reports.

When officers arrived, the man had moved to the nearby WalMart parking lot, where an officer got out of his patrol car and told the suspect to "keep his hands where I can see them.’’

When asked where his weapon was, the suspect, later identified as Caleb Carter, told the officer that it was an "air soft gun,’’ and he pointed toward a concrete island. When he consented to a search, officers found an orange box cutter in his pocket. A Covington Police Department sergeant who arrived on the scene began to tell the suspect why it was dangerous to carry what looked like a real weapon. According to reports, Carter then told the sergeant, "Don’t talk to me liked that, I don’t care who you are,’’ and the suspect moved in an aggressive manner toward the sergeant. Carter was then placed under arrest.

Because the skateboard he was carrying looked new and still had a sticker on it, Carter was asked where and when he got it. At first, reports said, he said a few days ago, but then he changed his story and said a few hours ago. When questioned further, Carter allegedly said he stole it from the Conyers Wal-Mart.