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Survey seeks youths opinion of county
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Newton County officials are trying to find out what young people want and how the county can retain and attract younger residents.

The Center for Community Preservation and Planning, a non-profit group that facilitates planning with local government, has created an 11-question, online survey. The survey is for all ages, but includes questions that target younger respondents, such as what do they look for in place to live, how they prefer to travel to work and play and what would attract them to live in Newton County.

It’s available at the website or by searching "Newton County survey" on Facebook.

Shamica Williams, assistant director at The Center, said the survey has its origins in a conversation among a group of community leaders who were talking about their children. Some of their college-aged kids planned to return to Newton County, many had decided to live elsewhere.

"So we thought a good conversation would be what attracts the Gen Y and Gen Xers to the community. Because as we’re doing the 2050 Plan, that’s essentially who the plan is for. Are we on the right track? What type of things, amenities, housing, etc. are they looking for?" asked Williams.

About 28 percent of Newton County’s population is aged 20 to 40, according to a 2005-2009 estimate conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The survey will be open until Jan. 28. Ruth Miller, a research assistant with The Center, will compile the results and present them to community officials at a Feb. 5 meeting.