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Student has knife at school to cut fruit
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A Newton County deputy was called to Flint Hill Elementary School after a school administrator was informed that a student was in possession of a knife.

The administrator told the deputy that a student was found in possession of a knife with a three-inch blade. The knife was discovered when it fell out of the book bag of the student.

The administrator stated that the school officials were notified and law enforcement was immediately contacted. The tip of the knife was broken off and it was dull.

The administrator told the deputy that the student stated she brought the knife to school in order to cut her apples and lemons up for a snack.

The administrator also stated that no one was threatened with the knife.

After receiving permission from the student's father, the deputy spoke to the student while the complainant was present. The deputy spoke with the student about the dangers of bringing a knife to school.

The student affirmed the administrator's previous statement that she had brought the knife to school to cut her fruit for her snack. No charges were filed and the school administration is handling the discipline.