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Simultaneous motion
Oxford alum returns to exhibit his unique art
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Artist’s statement regarding the drawings in exhibition

"These drawing were executed with my left and right hands simultaneously. The marks from each hand are separated by the empty space running vertically through the center of the paper.

This approach to drawing was triggered by working with sound. The act of listening is a binary activity where both ears transmit similar but distinct reflections of wave vibrations deciphered in the inner ear. The concert of information discloses direction, speed, texture, and ultimately our location. After many months relying exclusively on two ears to experience the environment I returned to drawing with one hand. Immediately this traditional approach produced seasickness the kind I felt as a child ferry crossing through the rising and falling waters off the coast of Scotland.

Drawing with both hands returned a sense of equilibrium to the act of drawing. This binary approach produces similar but distinct reflections of what my senses apprehend."

 Oxford College alumnus Angus Galloway will return to his alma mater on Oct. 15 for a reception opening his art exhibition at the school.

 The reception will take place from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the Hunt Gallery at Candler Hall on the campus off Emory Street.

 Galloway graduated from Emory University in 2000 with a degree in philosophy and art history. Galloway then received a Masters of Fine Art from Georgia State University where he specialized in drawing, painting, sound-design and installation. After graduating with his masters, he moved to New York and worked as both a sound designer for Eyebeam Art and Technology Center and a photographer and art handler for the James Graham Gallery.

 He left New York in 2007 and currently teaches drawing and painting as an adjunct professor for Emory University and the Art Institute of Atlanta in Decatur.

 Galloway’s artwork has been featured in national and international exhibitions as well as a variety of publications including Direct Art, New York Art and Trigger magazines. This year Angus had an exhibition of drawings at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia titled Drawing Correspondence.  

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