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Senate candidate Jack Kingston visits
Senate candidate Jack Kingston, left, looks out at the Ashton Hills Golf Club while talking with childhood friend and local resident Rhonda Robinson, while an aide and Newton County Attorney Tommy Craig look on. - photo by Photo by Gabriel Khouli

Jack Kingston Covington visit

Audio from Congressman Jack Kingston's brief interview with The News.

U.S. Senate candidate Congressman Jack Kingston, R-Savannah, stopped by the Ashton Hills Golf Club in Covington Wednesday morning for a meet and greet as he tours around the state seeking support in a crowded Republican field.

Kingston said Covington and the surrounding area will be important in the upcoming election and said he's hoping his business background and conservative credentials will garner him support in a field with seven fellow Republicans.

"We're talking about jobs and national defense, and we think the spending in Washington is absolutely out of control and we got to get a better grip on things in the Senate. I fear for the American Dream. The American Dream seems to be imperiled by big, intrusive government that has runaway spending and bureaucrats trying to run our life and we need to push back on it," Kingston told The News. "I've been fighting it in the house, but I'm convinced now the battleground is in the Senate."

Local Rhonda Robinson grew up with Kingston in Athens and said she supports him now because she said the country needs more conservative leaders who follow the Constitution.

For the full audio of The News' brief interview with Kingston, click on the media above this article.