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See Superior Court calendars online
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The Alcovy Circuit opened its new website on Sept. 1.

Members of the public who have any business before the courts in Newton and Walton counties can go to to access information about the Magistrate, Probate, Juvenile, and Superior courts. The court calendar for the entire year in each county is available for the Superior Court judges, as well as the weekly civil and criminal court calendars showing the specific cases that will be heard.

The website contains forms for filing various types of cases in Superior Court, including divorces, name changes, legitimations, and actions for contempt. From the website, the public can also access information about services available through the Clerk of Court's office, including case filing costs and jury duty, passports, real estate and military discharge information.

The website also includes information about the District Attorney and Public Defender, as well as contact information for state and local agencies including local police and sheriff's offices, probation offices, and child support enforcement.

The judges in Newton and Walton counties believe that the website will help expand the public's access to the judicial system and make it easier for the public to use all of the resources available to them through the courts.