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Search on for men who shot teens leg
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Investigators are searching for a car full of men who reportedly shot a teen late Wednesday night.

An 18-year-old teen had driven to The Silos neighborhood and parked his car. He got out and started walking to a friend's house when he reportedly told deputies that a tan Impala with silver rims and three black males inside pulled up next to him.

He continued to walk and then heard a loud bang. He allegedly told deputies that when he heard the sound, he ran back to his car. When he got inside he realized that he had been shot in the leg. He called a friend who took him to Newton Medical Center for treatment, which is when he spoke with investigators.

The teen was treated for a through-and-through gunshot wound to his leg and released. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Newton County Sheriff's Office at (678) 625-1400 or online at All tips can be given anonymously.

Punishment by belt
A Newton County mother was arrested Monday for reportedly abusing her son with a belt.

Philencia Yan'Nana Decolla Woods, 27, was arrested and charged with child abuse after her mother called the authorities on her when she reportedly disciplined her 10-year-old with a belt.

According to Newton County Sheriff's Office Capt. Keith Crum, the 10-year-old boy had been unprepared for class, was disruptive in class and did not take notes or listen to his teacher, and the teacher called Woods to report that. When the child got home from school, he allegedly threw his book bag on the floor, causing Woods to begin beating him with the belt.

Crum said responding deputies found that the child had red marks and abrasions on the shoulders, arms, chest, ears and mouth, and that part of his braces had been broken during the assault. He did not need medical treatment for his injuries, but the Department of Family and Children Services were notified of the incident and Woods was taken to jail.