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Screaming couple arrested for public drunk
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A call to the Covington Police Department about people yelling in the street ended with an arrest for marijuana possession early Sunday morning.

According to reports from the CPD, officers arrived on Jeanette Court around 1:22 a.m. and immediately noticed a group of people standing on the porch of one home. Officers asked the group if anyone had been screaming in the last few moments and a woman reportedly spoke up and told the officers that a female had been screaming and yelling but that she had just walked around the corner of the apartment and left.

While speaking with the group, the officers heard voices coming from the back corner of the house and walked around to see where they were coming from. According to reports they found a male and a female at the back corner of the house having an argument.
The woman, identified as 28-year-old Kasey Neomi King, was sitting on the ground while the male, 37-year-old David Shane Roberts, allegedly stood over her. When the officers attempted to make contact with the couple and ask why they had been screaming in the street earlier, King reportedly tried to stand up but stumbled and had to grab the side of the house to keep her balance.

Roberts allegedly told officers that she would be fine and that they were both waiting on a cab to come pick them up. While speaking with both of them, the officer could detect a strong odor of alcohol coming from both of them and both were having trouble with their balance and King was also still trying to argue with Roberts, according to reports.

At that time both King and Roberts were placed under arrest. While searching Roberts, officers allegedly located a bag of suspected marijuana. The two were placed in separate patrol cars, and when officers walked away to speak with witnesses, King reportedly began to scream and kick at the doors and windows of the patrol car. She continued that behavior all the way to the Newton County Detention Center, according to reports.
King was charged with public drunk and disorderly conduct and Roberts was charged with public drunk and possession of marijuana less than one ounce.