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Schulz named Chairman
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Newton County Commissioner Nancy Schulz recently was named as the 2012-2013 Chairman of the Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) Health and Human Services Committee. The appointment was made by ACCG President and Taylor County Commissioner Clinton Perry. Schulz previously served as the vice chairman.

Legislative advocacy and public policy development are one of the primary services that ACCG provides to Georgia counties. The association uses a consensus-based policy committee process to bring together county commissioners and staff to discuss issues that require changes to state and federal laws and agency policies.

Policy committees develop positions on key issues, which become part of the County Platform, which is voted on by the membership at the ACCG Legislative Leadership Conference held annually in October. ACCG policy staff use the County Platform to guide advocacy efforts for counties during the legislative session.

"Policy committee leaders serve an essential function by leading their peers in the discussion of critical issues facing Georgia counties," said ACCG Executive Director Ross King. "These committees provide a forum for learning more about key policy issues, and our chairs and vice chairs are responsible for helping to lead the discussion and develop consensus."