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Sarah Frances Hardeman to be honored

A long time Covington citizen, Sarah Frances Hardeman, born to George Washington Thompson and Lillie Davis- Thompson in 1918, is being recognized and honored for her legendary acts and community service in Covington.

She has touched many lives through a career of teaching, and a life of giving back. For that, the Newton County Historical Committee on Black Heritage Preservation is honoring her at the Under the Stars Banquet Center Friday, 872 Moore Street, Oxford.

As a young child Hardeman had educational setbacks in the school system. However she did not let that affect her.

She continued to pursue her education and develop her learning skills, and graduated the Valedictorian of her high school class. After she graduated from Washington Street School, she went on to graduate from Clark College in Atlanta.
Paying it forward, she later began teaching at Washington Street School for 31 years, and also became a basketball coach. Once schools began to integrate, Sarah Frances Hardeman began teaching at Livingston School and Porterdale Elementary School.

After she retired at Porterdale Elementary in 1978, she got married to Morris Hardeman and moved to Harris Town Community. She also continues to worship at Grace United Methodist Church, which she joined in 1930 and lives right next to and has been rewarded many awards.

Hardeman is served as president of organizations, Young At Heart and Women Society and was in charge of Communion Service at the age of 23.

“God has truly blessed me,” Hardeman said. “And I continue to give him all the Glory.”

Sarah Frances Hardeman has been a legendary person of service to Covington, and has made her mark as becoming a historian in black history.

Tickets to her honorary ceremony are $25 each, and to purchase please call Mary (Terri) James at 404-861-0707. Covington city councilwoman Janet Goodman will be the guest speaker, and Raymond Hammond will be providing entertainment, including singing Hardeman’s favorite songs “Precious Lord Lead Me On by Mahalia Jackson, and “Moving on Up a Little Higher.”