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Robbery victims arrested
Drugs found in home with sleeping children
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A routine check on a call of gunfire Tuesday night turned tricky when deputies found out they were really dealing with an armed robbery where at least one person had been tied up, according to reports. Things turned stranger still when several people at the home were arrested on drug charges.

Deputies from the Newton County Sheriff’s Office were on their way to the home on Almon Road at roughly 11:24 p.m. when dispatch informed them the call had changed from a firearms discharge call to that of an armed robbery.

When deputies arrived, they reportedly found two females – one holding a baby and the other with her hands tied behind her back – and a man, standing outside of the residence.

While securing the residence, deputies allegedly noticed a small off-white crystal substance on the kitchen floor in plastic wrap. According to reports, deputies believed this to be crack cocaine. There was also some green leafy substance reportedly found in an open drawer next to a digital scale, which deputies believed was marijuana.

In addition to the child being held by one of the women outside of the residence, there were also two other children in the home, both asleep, according to reports.

Deputies noticed the back door appeared to have been forced open and a spent shotgun shell was found in the living room next to a hole in the wall. When they spoke with the three people outside of the home, deputies were given a description of two men wearing black shirts and blue jean shorts.

As deputies walked around the outside of the home they reportedly found a red car in the driveway with the driver’s side window busted out and a spent shotgun shell next to the car.

At this point, two other males allegedly walked up to the scene and were identified by deputies. The two had reportedly been to the store and came home during the robbery. While they were interviewed, another man came on the scene and allegedly told deputies he was the homeowner.

Though it was unclear what exactly the interviews by investigators and deputies uncovered, it is known that, when all was said and done, the three subjects at the home, as well as the homeowner – identified as April Wine Yarbrough, Breanna Marie Roberts, Ricky Cornelius Barr Jr and Courtney Tavaris Stanford – were all arrested and charged with possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana less than one ounce and cruelty to children in the third degree.