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Remembering 9/11
Local students gather to honor fallen victims of deadly attacks
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South Salem Elementary School Principal Holly Dubois doesn't believe terrorism is an appropriate topic for young children, but she does believe in having children remember their country's past and honor the heroes that protect them.
The staff at South Salem held a 9/11 Remembrance Program Tuesday morning, including special guests, the presenting of the flag and lowering to half mast and the singing of "America the Beautiful."

Dubois has been holding such ceremonies since the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks, when she was a principal at Fairview Elementary.

"I felt it was necessary to remember the tremendous loss from that day, but also to show our children how we, as Americans, reclaimed what it meant to be an American and what we stood for," Dubois said in an email Tuesday. "Out of all the tragedy from 9/11, a new respect for first responders emerged. Pride and honor were once again bestowed upon our Armed Forces. The American Flag became a symbol of hope, healing and unity. I wanted the students to know what was lost that day, but more importantly what was gained."

Teachers had their classes focus on the event, including fourth-grade teacher Dani Lyons, who had her students write a short paper about Tuesday's event and 9/11 and why 9/11 is important to remember.