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Puppy dropped from second story window
Man arrested after fighting his brother
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Officers from the Newton County Sheriff’s Office were called to a home on Clover Valley Drive after a teenager reportedly saw her juvenile neighbors drop a puppy out of a window.

According to reports, when deputies arrived a woman was complaining that her neighbor had called animal control on her three  elementary-aged juvenile children for dropping their puppy from a two-story window and had threatened to call the police on the family.
She said that she also noticed the neighbor saying something to her children, which caused her to open her window and ask the woman if there was a problem. According to reports, however, her neighbor refused to answer her and just sat on the back of her car until a representative from animal control arrived.

Deputies spoke with the neighbor who had contacted animal control and she allegedly told them that her 15-year-old daughter was exiting her school bus and had seen two juveniles drop their puppy from the second-story window. She also reportedly told deputies that on several different occasions she had seen them stuff the puppy in the mailbox and beat it with a plastic baseball bat.

After speaking with the teenager, deputies reported that she said one juvenile dropped the puppy from the window while the other stood below and attempted to catch it, but was unable to do so. The teenager allegedly said that she had told the children to be nice to the puppy a few times before this incident.

Animal control and deputies did not see marks on the dog so no action was taken at the time, according to reports.

Man arrested after fighting his brother

Officers from the Covington Police Department were called to a home on Capes Drive after a call came in Monday night about two brothers fighting.

When the officers arrived and entered the home, they allegedly noticed potted plants and decorations knocked to the floor. There was an “elderly couple” inside the home as well as the father of the brothers.

According to reports officers could see two trails of blood — one leading up the stairs and one leading down toward the basement. Deputies questioned the father as to what had taken place and he reportedly told them that his younger son, Timothy Watson, had walked into the kitchen while his older son was making something to eat and that the two got into a fight.

When deputies went downstairs they encountered the older son, who had blood on his head, neck, ear, hands, shirt and face. When asked what happened, he allegedly reiterated what his father had said.

Deputies then went upstairs to speak with Timothy and reportedly found him sitting on the floor in one of the bedrooms with blood on both of his hands. He allegedly told deputies that he had just gotten out of the shower and was lying on his bed when he heard his brother walking up and down the stairs. He reportedly said that his parents had told his brother not to do that when they were sleeping, so he went downstairs and confronted his brother.

While speaking with Timothy, deputies reportedly noticed a pair of bloody shorts on the floor near him and when asked about them, he allegedly admitted that he had changed from his shorts into long pants in case he was taken to jail. He was arrested and transported to the Newton County Detention Center for Family Violence Act battery, but according to reports the family was unhappy with that decision and said both Timothy and Michael had been drinking that evening.

Once they arrived, nurses turned Timothy away and sent him to Newton Medical Center for stitches on a cut on his hand.