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Protect your property after a flood
Beware of fly-by-night contractors
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Across the country each year, many people become victims of tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes or wildfires. These natural disasters cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars annually.

One of the untold costs associated with disasters are those losses due to fraud. Often "fly-by-night" contractors appear in communities right after a disaster and further victimize the victims by swindling them out of their precious and often limited resources by offering cheap and quick repair work. Here's a warning from home builders that may save you from another disaster: unscrupulous contractors.

Some signs that a contractor could be trying to take advantage of you:
 • You're told that on this job, a contract "won't be necessary."
 • You're asked to pay for the entire job "up front" - or pay cash to a salesperson instead of a check or money order to a company.
 • You are confronted with scare tactics, intimidation or threats.
 • You're told you've been "chosen" as a demonstration project at a special, low price.
 • You're told a "special" low price is good only if you sign a contract today.
 • The contractor won't give you reference - or the references can't be located.
 • You can't verify the contractor's business address or license.

Find a contractor by contacting your local home builders association:

Verify Contractor License:

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Information provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the American Red Cross and the Newton County Home Builders Association.