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Preparing for graduation
What you'll need to know for the big day

The Newton County School System’s high schools will be celebrating graduation Friday and Saturday.
Hundreds of students and their families are expected to converge on Springfield Baptist Church and Newton County throughout the weekend.
Remember to check our special Graduation section in the Sunday, May 24 print edition of The Covington News.


School           Date              Time              Location
Eastside         Friday            8 p.m.           Springfield Baptist Church
Alcovy            Saturday       9 a.m.           Springfield Baptist Church
Newton          Saturday       3 p.m.           Springfield Baptist Church


NCSS Class of 2015 Graduation Ceremony rules


• Dress appropriately. School dress code applies. You will not be allowed to participate in practice if you are out of dress code. No hats.

• Park behind the church in the gravel lot and car pool if you can.

• Come to the check – in table when you arrive at practice.

• You will enter at a door on the left side of the church towards the back.

• No gum, No food, No drinks.

• Tickets will be handed out on the final run through. If you owe money you will not receive tickets until you pay it. You will also receive a parking pass at practice.

• No one will be allowed in the sanctuary during practice other than graduates.

• You do not need your cap and gown at practice.

• Practice is mandatory.


Look for the teacher/faculty member who you were assigned to at practice. Check in with that person and do not leave your line unless you let the teacher/faculty member know.

• We will collect cell phones, keys, etc. Be prepared for that. Don’t argue. You should plan to arrive at the church with only
one key. Leave everything else in the car.

• Diplomas will be available for pick up directly after the ceremony at the high school. You will come to Newton to get your diploma immediately after leaving graduation. If you cannot get your diploma at that time the school will be open during a later specified time that is TBD.

Dress Code

• We will adhere to the dress code. Black slacks, black or dark blue shoes, white shirt, conservative tie for gentlemen.

• Black dress shoes for women. No flip flops. Females should wear a conservative dress. The gown should cover the dress.

• If you’re having clothing issues or concerns, see me after this meeting. We’ll figure something out. Don’t wait until the day of graduation!

• Any graduate not in dress code will not be permitted to walk in the ceremony. (No exceptions!)

• Every guest – even non-walking, non-crawling, tiny babies must have a ticket.

• No strollers are allowed in the sanctuary.

• If they bring balloons, they cannot bring them in the sanctuary but can leave them at the welcome center.

• Dress appropriately. No shorts, no hats, no tank tops

• Tickets will not be held at the doors.

• If you want a souvenir ticket, they can be picked up at the kiosk after the ceremony.

• Cameras are allowed, but please do not leave your seat to take pictures. STRICTLY ENFORCED.

• A professional video will be available for purchase.