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Pregnant women fight at Kroger
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Two pregnant women said they were allegedly assaulted by each other at the Kroger on Ga. Highway 20S.
Each woman blamed the other for Monday's attack. They both admitted they didn't turn away as they approached each other.

They allegedly claimed the altercation was over a mutual friend. They were seen by medics and written a citation by police.

Group of men shoplift at local Walmart
Walmart's asset protection person Tira Jacobs, told police several males were allegedly exiting the store with stolen T-shirts in their pants.

On Wednesday, police observed a vehicle matching the description and correct tag number at a red light on Industrial Boulevard and Ga. Highway 142. Law enforcement then proceeded to pull them over at the QT gas station.

All five passengers were then identified.

Two open packs of T-shirts and two open packs of socks were found in the vehicle. Marquez Graham and James Snell, two passengers in the vehicle, both admitted to taking the items. Both of the men were arrested and charged with shoplifting.

Woman receives harassing phone calls at local bar
A woman told police she had received a harassing phone call when she was at Five O'clock Somewhere on Turner Lake Road Wednesday.

She said the person had called her from a restricted phone number. The caller was allegedly a male who identified himself as "Steve." "Steve" then told her how beautiful she was and then stated, "I will get you one way or another." The woman stated she felt this was a threat to her life and was extremely upset and crying.

She believed the man was someone she knew, who was involved in an incident earlier this month. She said she was served with civil papers from the man and another man who were former employees at the bar. She allegedly believed they were upset with management changes.