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Pregnant woman OK after I-20 wreck
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A serious wreck on I-20 resulted in Preston Carl Williams, 69, from Covington being airlifted to Atlanta, but the other driver, a pregnant woman, was treated locally and is fine.

The tire on Nicole Patton’s truck blew out around 2:40 p.m. Friday on I-20 as she traveled eastbound. The blowout caused her truck to flip and hit Williams' Chevrolet Suburban, forcing both vehicles into the guardrail, according to Patton’s mother and the Georgia State Patrol.

"I thank God for sparing her life and the life of my unborn granddaughter. The looks of her vehicle shows that angels were with her. I pray that the victim in the other vehicle is OK," said Patton’s mother Kim Walden Bartlett.

Patton was in the hospital having contractions after the accident, but she said on her Facebook wall that she was released Saturday morning.

"Well today sure has been eventful. ... I don’t think I have ever thought so many thoughts in so little time as I did today while flipping my car down I-20. Please say a prayer for the other person that was involved. He is at Atlanta Medical, which is where the EMTs tried making me go," Patton said on her Facebook wall Friday, while still in the hospital. "Now I’m just laying in this hospital bed waiting to see if Baelynn is going to make her grand appearance. ... She sure is making me have some major contractions. Everything still hasn’t hit me yet, but I do know one thing, I DO NOT want to be behind the wheel of a car anytime soon!"

Patton also hoped to attend a friend’s wedding Saturday.

A Georgia State Patrol spokesperson said Williams was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital; the spokesperson did not have an update on his condition.