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Pregnant woman attacked
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A pregnant Covington woman called police Friday after reportedly being jumped outside a home in the Green Acres neighborhood.

The woman, who is five weeks pregnant, told police that she was outside when Marquita Manuel and a female nicknamed Woo jumped out of a car and started hitting her. She told officers she had no idea why the two women would have jumped her.

A witness verified the victim’s story, saying she looked outside her house and saw the two women beating on the victim. She said she ran outside and started separating the females when the two aggressors jumped in their car and left.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Covington Police Department at 770-786-7605 or online at

All tips can be given anonymously.

Family feud via Facebook

Police were called to a home on Laurel Drive Saturday afternoon after a woman and her niece had gotten into a fight over alleged stolen clothes seen on Facebook.

The victim was sitting on the front porch and spoke with the officers, telling them that her niece Jamisha Lashun Rainwater had hit her in the head, pulled her hair and scratched her face, arms and neck.

She told officers that she came to her former home (her mother’s house) to get several items she believed Rainwater had taken from her and her daughter. She said she’d seen Rainwater wearing her daughter’s clothing on Facebook and had been asking her for several weeks to return the stolen clothes, but Rainwater kept telling her she didn’t have them. When she confronted Rainwater with the photo from Facebook and then reached into Rainwater’s dresser drawer to try and retrieve the clothing, Rainwater attacked her, striking her in the lip and the head, pulling her hair and scratching her face.

The victim said she told Rainwater she was calling the police and then went outside, which is when her brother came outside with the bag of clothing, reportedly telling her there was no need to call the police.

Rainwater was arrested and charged with simple battery under the Family Violence Act.