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Police respond to fight between neighbors
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A fight between neighbors ended with authorities being called to Norman Road late Sunday evening.

According to reports one man said that he was walking to his parent’s home on Norman Road when he was stopped by their neighbor who was allegedly offering condolences on the death of a mutual friend. He then began talking about how he would soon be evicted from his home which was scheduled to be foreclosed on. Then, before he left, he reportedly said, "I am going to kill your Daddy before I leave."

According to reports the first man told deputies this was not the first time the neighbor had threatened his family or other people in the neighborhood. He said the problems began when the neighbor started letting his dogs loose to run around the area.

The neighbor defended himself, saying that the complainant and his family constantly "flips him the bird" when they are leaving the area and make "mooing noises" at him.

Deputies attempted to diffuse the situation and went to speak with the neighbor who had threatened to kill the complainant’s father. After several attempts to contact him at his home, he finally came to the garage door with no clothes on. Deputies requested he get dressed and come and speak with them which he reportedly did. When asked if he had participated in any unusual or argumentative conversations that evening with anyone he reportedly denied having done so.

He also allegedly told deputies that the neighbors were voyeurs and constantly peeped into his windows and that he would be calling his lawyers to report the NCSO for harassing him.

The complainant was advised of the warrant process but no arrests were made on that date.