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Police Respond to Family Dispute
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A heated clash between a mother and daughter got officers from the Covington Police Department called to Turner Street Thursday evening.

According to police, Beverly Moses complained to an officer that she had been attacked by her daughter, Candice Roebuck, after asking her to get off the phone. According to Moses, Roebuck threw the phone down and began to choke her while screaming, "I’m going to kill you." Moses said that she then tried to call for help while being beaten but was unable to. She then tried again, and her son called 911.

Roebuck allegedly told a different version of the incident to the police stating that she was speaking on the phone until her mother came into the room screaming that she would take her baby and have her arrested. Then she claimed that her mother unplugged the phone so she could not call the police and then called her son into the room to call the authorities.

Roebuck denies hitting Moses. No bruises or cuts were found on either of the two women. They were both advised of the process of obtaining a temporary protection order.