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Police find woman acting strangely
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A Covington woman was arrested early Sunday morning after an officer noticed her acting oddly, first at Waffle House, then at Kroger.

Around 3 a.m., a Covington Police officer noticed Kimberly Powell at Waffle House when she came in with her husband and began arguing with him about seating. According to reports, the officer also noticed that she was loud in the restaurant, asking the waitress for an outlet to plug in her computer and for cherry syrup in her orange juice.

When the officer left, Powell was outside the restaurant smoking and reportedly asked the officer if he had "killed anyone tonight." Since she was not breaking the law, the officer left her with her husband at the restaurant and continued on patrol.

Nearly two hours later he was called to Kroger after Powell was reportedly "acting strangely," and "stumbling around" the store, and had been asked to leave. The employee who contacted police also told them that Powell had left the store and moved her truck onto the sidewalk in front of Kroger.

When the officer arrived, he found Powell parked nearly on the sidewalk in a no-parking zone with the driver’s door open. She was reportedly standing on the rear tire, moving items around in the bed of the truck. When she saw the officer pull up, she jumped from the tire and kicked it, according to reports.

Powell allegedly denied having had anything to drink, or that she was under the influence of any drugs, when the officer asked. She asked why the officer was asking her those questions, and then told him that she had only parked in the no-parking zone because her husband was inside the store getting doughnuts for their children, according to reports.

After speaking with her husband, who came out of the store shortly after officers arrived, they once again asked Powell if she was taking anything, such as pain medication. She reportedly denied it, but when told that her husband had told officers that she took pain medication, she changed her answer and said, "Yeah, well I do take pain medication… Oxy for the pain in my back."

An employee told officers that they had decided to call police after Powell nearly fell out of the open door while attempting to back up the truck.

Powell was arrested and charged with DUI, improper parking in a fire lane and an expired license. During the ride to the jail, she reportedly cursed and yelled at officers the whole way, telling them that they "could not arrest her for taking medication."

From the mouths of babes

An irate mother, who reportedly assaulted her husband while he was holding their child, was arrested late Friday night after police were called to their home.

When officers from the Covington Police Department arrived, they met with the husband of Audrey Inbody, who was holding his crying 7-year-old daughter in his arms.

He reportedly told police that Inbody was intoxicated and they had gotten into an argument about her past drug use. When he attempted to leave with the little girl, his wife began attacking him and hitting him in the face with her fist.

Officers went to the couple’s home on Bede Drive and reportedly saw Inbody in the parking lot. However, when she saw officers, she allegedly hurried inside her home and locked the door. Despite knocking several times, officers were unable to get Inbody to come to the door, according to reports.

They spoke with her husband, who allegedly gave them a key and permission to enter the home.

When officers went inside, they could hear water running in the bathroom. They knocked on the door and told Inbody to come out, and she reportedly told them she was taking a bath and that they should get out. After several attempts to get her to come out on her own – all allegedly met with cursing and defiance – officers went into the bathroom and pulled her from the tub, allowing her to get dressed before handcuffing her.

Once clothed, they took Inbody outside to the patrol car, but she quickly became irate. According to reports, she was kicking at officers and attempting to pull away from them, as well as telling them, "Go ahead, you might as well kill me," as well as threatening to kill officers.

The officers were finally forced to use a Taser in order to get Inbody to comply with their requests, and get inside the patrol car.

The husband reportedly had bruising and slight lacerations to his face where his wife had attacked him. Once she was inside the patrol car, the little girl calmed down enough to speak with officers about the incident.

According to reports, the child told them her mother "only acts like this when she’s been drinking." She said that her mother and father had gotten into an argument and her mom was yelling at her dad, which scared her, and this is when she wanted to leave with her dad.

The girl said that when her dad took her to the front door, her mother began hitting him, and that at one point, she got in front of him and held her hand and leg up to defend her father, which incited her mother’s anger toward her. She said her mother began yelling at her, scaring her even more.

Inbody was taken to the Newton County Jail, where she was charged with obstruction of an officer, Family Violence Act battery, cruelty to children, and public drunk.