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Pizza delivery driver robbed at gunpoint
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Newton County Sheriff Deputy Priscilla Tyree responded to a robbery call Monday night in The Enclave subdivision.

Earlier a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver received an order for 310 Lakeside Circle. She told the caller to leave the porch light on so she could easily identify the house.

When the driver arrived at the address the caller had given her, the house light was not on as she had requested. Although hesitant to approach the home, she parked her vehicle a few houses away and walked to the residence.

According to Tyree’s report, the driver knocked on the door and received no answer. Upon knocking again a black male appeared out of the bushes on the left side of the home and pointed a small, black pistol at her. She told Tyree that the gunman was between 16 and 18 with no facial hair and had a dark hoodie pulled over most of his face.

The gunman reportedly held the gun to the left side of the delivery driver’s head and told her to give him all the money she had. The driver told the gunman that Domino’s drivers were not allowed to carry more than $15 at a time at that was all she had. The gunman allegedly took the $15 and pizza and said that she had to have more.

The driver then reportedly told the gunman that she had $1 in her car and pointed to her vehicle. The gunman then asked if she had a cell phone, to which she replied that it was in the car and he could take anything in the car.

According to the crime report, the gunman told the driver to lie on the ground and count to 100 before standing up or his friend would shoot her. Allegedly he told her he did not want to shoot her because "she was a lady."

Fearful, the driver counted to 100 before standing up; however, she told Tyree that she never saw a second male and suspected that the gunman had lied to her in order to intimidate her further. She said the suspect fled on foot between two houses.

When the driver stood up, she noticed a car parking in the driveway of a nearby home and ran over asking the driver to call 911.

The case was turned over to an investigator. Anyone with information about this incident can call (678) 625-5007 or visit the NCSO Web site at Tips can be given anonymously.