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Phantom noise angers resident
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Just after midnight officers from the Covington Police Department answered a noise complaint on Bohannon Street but when they arrived, heard only the complaints of the caller.

According to reports, two officers responded to the call – each arriving at a separate time. The first officer exited his patrol car the complainant reportedly took a picture of him from her front porch and continued to do so as he approached her on the porch. When the officer asked her what she was doing she allegedly said that she was "Taking pictures of what’s going on here," and "documenting these occurrences."

Another officer pulled up around this time and she reportedly took pictures of his arrival as well. She then pointed to a home on the road and told officers that the problem was at that house and that the people inside were having a loud party and keeping her awake.

Officers both listened for a moment and noted in their report that they could hear no music playing whatsoever. When asked what music she was talking about the complainant reportedly said, "That music over there." When she was told the officers couldn’t hear any music playing she allegedly said "I know you can hear it because it is keeping me awake." Officers listened quietly again but were still unable to hear any music playing. When they told the woman this she allegedly said it was because their cars were running.

According to reports the officer "could hear all other noises, to include the wind blowing through the trees," but shut off both patrol cars anyhow, in order to appease the complainant. After shutting the cars off the officers once again listened quietly for approximately 30 seconds but still heard no music.

When they told the complaint they still heard no music, she allegedly threw her hands up and said "if you would stop talking you would hear it." She also told officers, according to reports, that the home was a constant problem and it belonged to an elected official and that she was going to do whatever it took to change the street [Bohannon].

Officers explained to her that they could not bother people in their homes when there was no evidence of any type of infraction and she reportedly told them that she knew what was going on and if "Covington officers can’t handle the problem she would take it to the sheriff and if he couldn’t take care of the problem she would take it to state officials." Officers attempted to point out that they were patrolling the area heavily on a regular basis and that the last time they had personally answered a noise complaint in the area called in by her she was on her front porch yelling at people who were walking by to go inside and get off the street.

They cautioned her that she could possibly have people complain about her if she continued to behave in such a way, a statement that seemed to irritate the complainant. She reportedly looked at the officer’s nameplate and started reading it. He asked her if she would like a business car with his name and badge number on it and was supplied with one.

As officers were leaving she allegedly told them that she would be contacting the CPD to complain.